01 About Us

TAGD is a London-based tech company developing cutting-edge anti counterfeiting and digital IDs solutions for the world’s leading brands.

TAGD, established in 2019, is an anti-counterfeiting and digital ID system designed for diverse industries such as apparel, footwear, accessories, safety-critical parts, electrical, pharmaceuticals, automotive, and aerospace parts. The combined value of the industries TAGD addresses is $4.2 trillion.

The company’s solutions are patent pending in the USA, Europe, Japan, and the UK, and its technology leverages the banking system (payment transactions, consumer payment identifiers), and Machine Learning/AI.

In recognition of its innovation, TAGD secured a prestigious Smart Grant from Innovate UK, a taxpayer-funded organization, in 2022, enhancing its credibility.

As digital IDs become mandatory in leading economies like the EU by 2030, and tokenization becomes standardized, TAGD’s unique and patented solutions are poised to lead the way in the digitized product revolution.

Company Nr: 11980747